Calculation of Social Return on Investment (SROI) Value as a Form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Evaluation: Case Study at PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional Refinery Unit VII Kasim


  • Wahyu Purwanto Prospect Institute
  • Miftah Faridl Widhagdha
  • Zahra Nur Fatma



CSR, Impact Measurement, SROI


In this study, the calculation of the value of Social Return on Investment (SROI) was carried out as a form of evaluation of the CSR program of PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional Refinery Unit RU VII Kasim, Sorong. The problems encountered in Indonesia are that many CSR programs fail to be shown by the SROI score not reaching a score of 1. The method used is a mix method by combining qualitative and quantitative. Determination of samples by purposive sampling and data collection through field observation, in-depth interviews, and document studies. As a result, PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional Refinery Unit VII Kasim has an SROI value of 2.5 so the CSR program implemented has more impact than the budget given, it also shows that the CSR program has been carried out well and has a big impact on the surrounding community. The acquisition of a high SROI score shows that the company's CSR programs have been successful and have a greater impact than the costs incurred on CSR programs and activities.


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