Peer Review Policy

Every article that is sent to the editorial staff will be carefully selected through Initial Review processes by the editorial board, then the article will be sent to the reviewer, the review on the communicator sphere is carried out by the single-blind peer-review process. After that, the article will be returned to the author if revision is needed. These processes take approximately a month (four weeks). PROSPECT: JURNAL PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKAT collaborates with experts in the field of communication science who have many publications in national and international journals to ensure that the peer-review process is carried out in professional, neutral, and unbiased manner.

Peer review of referred papers

Editors board of PROSPECT: JURNAL PEMBERDAYAAN MASYARAKAT will decide promptly whether to accept, reject or request revisions of refereed papers based on the reviews and editorial insight. In addition, Editors will have the option of seeking additional reviews when needed. Authors will be advised when Editors decide further review is needed.